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Hello guys and gals! as you may already know by now, 3 of our collections have "hidden" rewards that can be won by MINTING. This rewards are available indefinitely until all are found (this promotion does not expire, and prizes can only be claimed by the minter). Check availability of the prizes on Discord or Telegram, or direct in the collection (you know the numbers). Here the numbers are updated once every week....

Droid xGirls

Starting 06.06 until 04.07, every Monday, raffle time : 1st place : 0.75 EGLD 2nd place : 0.25 EGLD 3rd-5th place : 1 NFT from our collections all you have to do is mint… and we will take care of the rest!!

valentina xGirl

We proudly present collection 💋💋Valentina xGirls💋💋 - 1500 hand drawn, deterministic generated NFTs.

  🔥🔥9 prizes of 1 EGLD each to be found during mint 🔥🔥

Shroom xGirls

Our latest NFT collection Shroom xGirls consists of 777 hand drawn deterministic generated NFTs. Prizes to be won:
- 7 girls from xxxGirl collection (7 still available)
- 6 girls from Profile xGirl collection (5 still available)
- 5 girls from Limited xGirl collection (5 still available)
- 4 EGLD (1 egld for each of the 4 NFTs with EGLD emblem) (4 still available)

MINT price started at 0.1EGLD (price will go up 0.02 for every 100 MINTs, exception last 77 pieces will mint for 0.5);

MINT here:

Profile xGirls collection stil available to MINT here:

Profile xGirl

Profile xGirl consists of 2000 unique generated NFTs. Mint price is the lowest until now, started at 0.03 EGLD for first 500 NFTs, going up 0.01 for every other 500. Last 500 should be available for 0.06 EGLD (last 100 may be subject to price increase, depending on the market request).
This collection contains 3 types of eastereggs: 
- 7 NFT🔥 depicting a videochat girl on a small phone (girl from collection 3 Limited xGirl). In reward of finding this, the initial minter receives airdrop 1NFT🏞 from colection 3;

- 9 NFT🔥 depicting a xxxGirl on a baloon (girl from collection 2 xxxGirl). In reward of finding this, the initial minter gets airdropped 1 NFT🎑 from collection 2;

- 9 NFT🔥 with EGLD sign in a talk bubble. Finders receive airdrop of 0.1 EGLD💰.

Limited xGirl

Limited xGirl collection is a limited collection of 555 unique generated NFTs. Mint price started at 0.15 EGLD, and has now reached 0.2 EGLD. Price will increase again, every 100 Mints. Be among the limited few that get to Mint from this Limited xGirl colelction.

Limited xGirls collection still available to MINT here:


xxxGirls collection is the most daring collection yet, consisting of 1111 unique NFTs priced now at 0.12 EGLD per Mint, increasing for every 200 Minted.

xxxGirls collection still available to MINT here:


xGirls collection consists of 2222 uniquely generated NFTs. Mint price is set at 0.06 EGLD and is likely to remain the same for the entire collection. From this collection we also GIVEAWAY free drops to community members that do certain things for the community: retweet, create new tweets, add members in the telegram channel, and other stuff that helps with distribution.

Our first collection, xGirls collection still available to MINT here:


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